Q – How old is my house?
A – We can provide an illustrated commissioned historical building study which will investigate the age and history of your house. Alternatively, we can help guide you through the process of finding out for yourself. Please get in touch to discuss the options.

Q – Can you provide a brief heritage appraisal to comply with a planning application?
A – Yes, we will tailor the report to your needs.

Q – May I see a sample of your reports?
A – Yes, click here to view sample pages from our reports. We will also be delighted to supply a sample report on application.

Q- We are seeking to move a staircase and are required to provide a historical assessment of the staircase and the immediate context. Can you provide a report simply to meet that need?
A – Yes we are more than happy to look at a specific aspect of the building and report accordingly.

Q – How much would a typical record cost?
A – Our prices are extremely competitive. The cost depends on your requirements. It is based on the amount of work on site, research and production of a report. Please contact us to chat through your needs.

Q – How quickly can you turn a commission around?
A – We aim to produce the final report within three weeks of the site visit. However, this is dependent on work load and complexity of the commission.

Q – I don’t require a written report simply a verbal briefing. Can you do this?
A – Yes we are quite willing to provide a verbal briefing as required.

Q – Can you give a talk to our organisation?
A – Yes we give talks to societies, heritage professionals and the public. Some groups have since joined as WBR members in the Organisations & Societies category.

Q – I am interested in volunteering. Do you have any vacancies?
A – Yes, we always have opportunities. Some volunteers are interested in archival research, fieldwork, admin or photography. If you wish you can get involved with specific projects such as Farmsteads, Dated Features or Enrich the List. We provide training.

Q – Are you likely to have something about the history of my house on file, and if so, can I see it?
A – Yes, we may have something in our archive. If you supply the address we can check and make arrangements for you to view the material.