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Q- We are seeking to move a staircase and are required to provide a historical assessment of the staircase and the immediate context. Can you provide a report simply to meet that need?

A - Yes we are more than happy to look at a specific aspect of the building and report accordingly.

Q - I don’t require a written report simply a verbal briefing. Can you do this?

A - Yes we are quite willing to provide a verbal briefing as required.

Q - How much would a typical record cost?

A - Our prices are extremely competitive.  The cost depends on your requirements.  It is based on the amount of work on site, research and production of a report.  Please contact us to chat through your needs.  

Q - How quickly can you turn a commission around?

A - We aim to produce the final report within three weeks of the site visit. However this is dependent on work load and complexity of the commission.